Therapeutic Massage

spa in Mont Tremblant

Therapeutic Massage

60 minutes…$149.00   
90 minutes…$199.00
*Plus taxes


A therapeutic massage at Ono spa in Mont Tremblant combines traditional and deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy and acupressure techniques to alleviate chronic conditions so as to bring wellness, comfort and mobility to the client.

A therapeutic massage relieves stress, pain, tension and leaves you feeling relaxed. This type of massage promotes emotional and physical calm and relaxation. And while all massages are relaxing, the techniques and purpose behind them will vary.

Relief from muscle soreness
Joint pain relief
Strengthens the lower back
Relieved tension
Reduces heart rate
Improved circulation
Reduces stress and anxiety
Improves lymphatic system
Promotes sleep
Alleviates anxiety & depression
Improves sleep
Improved immunity