couples massage Tremblkant

Massage for Two

60 minutes…$318.00
90 minutes…$418.00   

*Plus taxes


A couples massage in Tremblant, also called a Duo Massage, is a unique way to spend quality time with another person. This massage also makes a great gift that you can share with a spouse, friend, sibling or other loved one.

The couples massage is a shared experience that will take place in the same room with the tables set side-by-side. Candles, essential oils and soft music may be used to create a relaxing environment. Each of you will have your own massage therapist so you can experience the emotional and physical benefits at the same time.

Bonding experience
Improve sleep
Relieve stress
Relax muscles
Reduce anxiety
Increase joint mobility
Improve circulation
Stimulate the lymphatic system
Improve physical & mental wellbeing